The highest standards and the best materials.

Whether it's maple handrail or a walnut table, all our products are made with the highest quality wood and offered FSC® certified. Each item has been designed to maximize beauty, ease of use, and ease of installation. Additionally, every order can be customized to adapt to circumstance or custom stained to match existing woodwork. Ask us about the availability of FSC® certified products.

MagnaFit makes installing door casing a snap. 

MagnaFit harnesses the power of rare earth magnets to attach beautiful hardwood casings to any hollow metal door frame. To learn more about the styles and profiles available, review our MagnaFit product drawings or read through our MagnaFit product book


Installs Instantly

By using a patented magnetic fastening system, MagnaFit casings install instantly without tools, adhesives, or screws. Simply place the casing over a standard hollow metal frame and let the magnets do their work. No fuss, no mess, no noise. And the attachment is so secure a pry bar is required to remove.  

Fire safe, and environmentally friendly

MagnaFit has been engineered to withstand some of the most rigorous fire safety demands and is rated for door openings up to 3 hours. Casings are also entirely reusable and can be manufactured with FSC® certified materials. 

limitless options, easy specifications

Although there are limitless options for style, profile, material and finish, MagnaFit is easy to specify, order, and install. Submit an inquiry to learn the full range of possibilities. Want a look all your own? We're happy to create custom profiles.

Truly distinctive interiors without the delay and cost of custom.

SelecTrim’s unique system of grooved moldings and interchangeable decorative inserts empowers you to add new dimensions to your wood interiors, confident that your creative designs will be both beautiful and affordable. To see some of our most popular styles, look through our SelecTrim product drawings

Efficient Installation

With SelecTrim, you don’t have to deface molding to install it. Secure the molding to the wall using the grooved area as the point of attachment, then cover up the fasteners with the decorative insert. Screws, nails, even bolts and lag screws are completely hidden. 

Creative simplicity

Available in a wide variety of different woods, finishes, profiles, and inserts, Selectrim is pre-engineered to make designing, specifying, and ordering simple. Just mix and match the various system components to create a truly distinctive customized interior.

reliable excellence

With any wood interior, the craftsmanship and finish are critical to the ultimate appearance and durability of the project, and the uncertainty of fabricating and finishing on site can add weeks to a schedule and thousands to the bottom line. SelecTrim is manufactured to meet demanding tolerances with some of the most durable factory finishes available, so you know it will be done right the first time and for all time.

Adaptable and sustainable

Custom options for profiles, woods, and finishes can be provided to match the special requirements of any project. SelecTrim is also available in FSC® certified woods, with other green options to make your interiors healthy and sustainable. Ask us about the availability of FSC® certified products. 

Transform a space in an afternoon. 

NaturaLines is the simple, easy way to rejuvenate a space. For more information about our available styles and modifications, visit our NaturaLines product drawings page. 

Modular Cellular at Martin Guitar.jpg

Flexible Design, Easy Installation

With NaturaLines, any ceiling can be quickly customized to suit your needs. Panels fit simply and securely into an existing T-grid and can be shaped to accommodate air vents, lighting, architectural details, and sprinkler systems. Easy to specify and pre-fabricated to your specifications, NaturaLines can be installed quickly and efficiently on-site. 


Manufactured from a wide selection of quality woods such as Red Oak, Maple, and Aspen, NaturaLines also comes in a range of styles to suit any aesthetic. It can be used in both interior and exterior locations, and additional applications for furniture and vertical surfaces allow you to carry the beauty and performance of NaturaLines throughout your project. They can even be custom stained to match existing woodwork. 

Form Meets Function

NaturaLines ceilings add beauty and warmth to any space while improving functionality. Camouflage mechanical and electrical systems while still allowing easy access, or improve the sound of an office or lobby with the acoustic panels pictured above. And with a flame-retardant finish, NaturaLines ceilings offer the added benefit of improved safety. 

Contemporary furniture, timeless design. 

From the day we first opened our doors in 1977, our goal has been to offer customers the most beautiful and innovative woodwork. Nowhere is that ideal more evident than in our custom furniture and interiors. From sourcing wood to milling, and from air-drying to finishing, we hold all of our our work to the highest standards of design and craftsmanship. Keep reading to learn more about our process. 

A respect for the material

Some of our furniture is made with windfall trees that were planted by our family on the Wood farm more than 160 years ago, and we understand that it's an honor and responsibility to work with material like this. Each timber from each tree has a wholly unique grain, color, and hardness, and every board reacts differently to changes in temperature and moisture. To address these variables, we use the highest degree of care at each step of the process, and though two centuries might have passed since the acorn was planted, we hope that the furniture we create will last even longer.

a focus on the client

We welcome the opportunity to collaborate on a project. Using four decades of woodworking and design experience, we can recommend the best wood for any application, and a range of designs for any space. We want to make sure that every customer finds the most beautiful, functional, and affordable design for their project. 

Contemporary craftsmanship

At The James Wood Company, we believe that great craftsmanship is the convergence of the highest standards and the best technologies, and we pride ourselves on our relentless pursuit of new and innovative solutions. While we remain faithful to the longstanding traditions of quality woodworking, we find that these traditional methods are most exciting when paired with new concepts and technologies. With every single thing we make, you can expect a timeless beauty combined with a durability made possible by today’s best technologies.