Your concept is our expertise. 

With our focus on both craftsmanship and innovation, The James Wood Company is uniquely suited to assist with product design, prototyping, production, and order fulfillment. Using computer-aided design capabilities, a 3D-printer, the most advanced machinery, and a workforce of expert designers and craftsmen, we can help with every step of scalable product development. Whether it’s one chair or one hundred, we’re ready to bring your idea to life. 

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Whether you have a construction pack, a CAD file, or just a sketch, our team of designers can work with you to optimize your product for structure, appearance, and production efficiency. We've worked with clients to decrease component weight, increase stability, and improve construction techniques, and we specialize in helping make your ideas production-ready. 



Efficient and accurate prototyping is paramount to launching a successful product. With our CNC machine and 3D printer, we bring projects quickly from design to final prototype so you can meet the needs of your customers. 


Need to make a hundred pieces of furniture, but want to make sure that each piece receives a close attention to detail? With our staff of expert carpenters and our state of the art facility, we're prepared to move from prototype to production quickly and competently. Along with a collection of the top-of-the-line woodworking machines, our factory utilizes a CNC machine, a Weinig 7-head moulder with custom knife grinding, and a finishing department capable of matching or creating any custom finish. 

Jalex Vases

Jalex Vases


Our custom packaging, boxing, and warehousing capabilities allow us to ship by freight to a fulfillment center or to direct ship to your customers.