Contemporary furniture, timeless design. 

From the day we first opened our doors in 1977, our goal has been to offer customers the most beautiful and innovative woodwork. Nowhere is that ideal more evident than in our custom furniture and interiors. From sourcing wood to milling, and from air-drying to finishing, we hold all of our our work to the highest standards of design and craftsmanship. Keep reading to learn more about our process. 

A respect for the material

Some of our furniture is made with windfall trees that were planted by our family on the Wood farm more than 160 years ago, and we understand that it's an honor and responsibility to work with material like this. Each timber from each tree has a wholly unique grain, color, and hardness, and every board reacts differently to changes in temperature and moisture. To address these variables, we use the highest degree of care at each step of the process, and though two centuries might have passed since the acorn was planted, we hope that the furniture we create will last even longer.

a focus on the client

We welcome the opportunity to collaborate on a project. Using four decades of woodworking and design experience, we can recommend the best wood for any application, and a range of designs for any space. We want to make sure that every customer finds the most beautiful, functional, and affordable design for their project. 

Contemporary craftsmanship

At The James Wood Company, we believe that great craftsmanship is the convergence of the highest standards and the best technologies, and we pride ourselves on our relentless pursuit of new and innovative solutions. While we remain faithful to the longstanding traditions of quality woodworking, we find that these traditional methods are most exciting when paired with new concepts and technologies. With every single thing we make, you can expect a timeless beauty combined with a durability made possible by today’s best technologies.