MagnaFit makes installing door casing a snap. 

MagnaFit harnesses the power of rare earth magnets to attach beautiful hardwood casings to any hollow metal door frame. To learn more about the styles and profiles available, review our MagnaFit product drawings or read through our MagnaFit product book


Installs Instantly

By using a patented magnetic fastening system, MagnaFit casings install instantly without tools, adhesives, or screws. Simply place the casing over a standard hollow metal frame and let the magnets do their work. No fuss, no mess, no noise. And the attachment is so secure a pry bar is required to remove.  

Fire safe, and environmentally friendly

MagnaFit has been engineered to withstand some of the most rigorous fire safety demands and is rated for door openings up to 3 hours. Casings are also entirely reusable and can be manufactured with FSC® certified materials. 

limitless options, easy specifications

Although there are limitless options for style, profile, material and finish, MagnaFit is easy to specify, order, and install. Submit an inquiry to learn the full range of possibilities. Want a look all your own? We're happy to create custom profiles.