Transform a space in an afternoon. 

NaturaLines is the simple, easy way to rejuvenate a space. For more information about our available styles and modifications, visit our NaturaLines product drawings page. 

Modular Cellular at Martin Guitar.jpg

Flexible Design, Easy Installation

With NaturaLines, any ceiling can be quickly customized to suit your needs. Panels fit simply and securely into an existing T-grid and can be shaped to accommodate air vents, lighting, architectural details, and sprinkler systems. Easy to specify and pre-fabricated to your specifications, NaturaLines can be installed quickly and efficiently on-site. 


Manufactured from a wide selection of quality woods such as Red Oak, Maple, and Aspen, NaturaLines also comes in a range of styles to suit any aesthetic. It can be used in both interior and exterior locations, and additional applications for furniture and vertical surfaces allow you to carry the beauty and performance of NaturaLines throughout your project. They can even be custom stained to match existing woodwork. 

Form Meets Function

NaturaLines ceilings add beauty and warmth to any space while improving functionality. Camouflage mechanical and electrical systems while still allowing easy access, or improve the sound of an office or lobby with the acoustic panels pictured above. And with a flame-retardant finish, NaturaLines ceilings offer the added benefit of improved safety.