Truly distinctive interiors without the delay and cost of custom.

SelecTrim’s unique system of grooved moldings and interchangeable decorative inserts empowers you to add new dimensions to your wood interiors, confident that your creative designs will be both beautiful and affordable. To see some of our most popular styles, look through our SelecTrim product drawings

Efficient Installation

With SelecTrim, you don’t have to deface molding to install it. Secure the molding to the wall using the grooved area as the point of attachment, then cover up the fasteners with the decorative insert. Screws, nails, even bolts and lag screws are completely hidden. 

Creative simplicity

Available in a wide variety of different woods, finishes, profiles, and inserts, Selectrim is pre-engineered to make designing, specifying, and ordering simple. Just mix and match the various system components to create a truly distinctive customized interior.

reliable excellence

With any wood interior, the craftsmanship and finish are critical to the ultimate appearance and durability of the project, and the uncertainty of fabricating and finishing on site can add weeks to a schedule and thousands to the bottom line. SelecTrim is manufactured to meet demanding tolerances with some of the most durable factory finishes available, so you know it will be done right the first time and for all time.

Adaptable and sustainable

Custom options for profiles, woods, and finishes can be provided to match the special requirements of any project. SelecTrim is also available in FSC® certified woods, with other green options to make your interiors healthy and sustainable. Ask us about the availability of FSC® certified products.